Bentayga Extended Wheelbase Range


The New Bentayga EWB* offers an interior environment unlike any other SUV. Far more than just a luxury car, this extended wheelbase SUV is a showcase of advanced, wellbeing-enhancing technology. Every interaction with the cabin is enhanced, from seats that can proactively monitor and improve the comfort of their occupants to stunning lighting that combines the best of Bentley’s craftsmanship and innovation.

There is more to the New Bentayga EWB, however, than a sublime passenger experience. Drivers can expect the effortless power that typifies every Bentley,

underpinned by the latest chassis technology and digital connectivity.

Extended this vehicle may be. Compromised it is not.

*Bentayga EWB is available to order in most markets, but is currently not available in EU27, UK, Switzerland, Israel, Ukraine, Norway, Turkey and Vietnam.



On seeing the New Bentayga EWB for the first time, expect to be struck by its sheer presence. A fusion of elegant detail and supremely sculpted lines, its 180mm wheelbase extension complements the car’s proportions perfectly. From the gleaming vertical vanes of the front grille to a rear diffuser picked out in silver, this is a truly stunning car.


The interior takes cabin design to the next level. After encountering the illuminated treadplates – designed to welcome you with a flourish on your way into the car – you enter a handcrafted cabin without equal. The new 4+1 seating configuration combines two independent rear seats, similar in features to those in the front, with the facility to seat three passengers comfortably in the rear when required.

Other optional configurations allow for four or five occupants, with the four-seat specification featuring a center console in the front and the rear.


Electrically powered doors close softly behind you as you take your seat. Handstitched leather upholstery is on display throughout the cabin – even the roof lining and pillars – while the Azure model features a new, elongated interpretation of Bentley’s renowned diamond quilting.

Ultimately, however, this car’s interior is more than just the sum of its parts. From the extra stowage available in the elongated rear doors, to the added influx of daylight from the larger windows, it is a truly inspiring space.




The optional Bentley Airline Seat Specification includes a generous recline facility for the seat behind the front passenger, plus a footrest for complete relaxation. It also includes two world firsts. With sensors in the seat measuring heat and humidity, Seat Auto-Climate cools or warms the surface automatically. The unique Postural Adjust feature, meanwhile, makes regular micro-adjustments to the seat cushions for up to three hours, proactively boosting circulation, relaxing muscles, and preventing fatigue on long journeys.


Light levels in the car have been calibrated to maximize travelling pleasure. During the day, sunlight can flood in through the large rear windows and perfectly positioned panoramic roof, supplemented by tasteful interior lighting that really comes into its own when night falls. With the optional Bentley Diamond Illumination, LED lights shine through the padded trim, to incredible effect.


My Bentley connected services include a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, Android Auto* and Apple CarPlay** (wired and wireless), Satellite maps, Real-time traffic information and Online radio – you can see the full feature list here. Optional features include the Bentley Rear Entertainment system, which lets passengers stream content from mobile devices to 10.1” touchscreens on the seatbacks. Naim for Bentley, meanwhile, is an upgrade to the Bentley Signature Audio system, offering audiophile-quality sound.

*Android is a trademark of Google LLC
**Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.



All Bentayga EWB models feature both Bentley Dynamic Ride and All-Wheel Steering. Bentley Dynamic Ride uses two electrically powered anti-roll bars that stiffen automatically when required, to improve cabin comfort when cornering. On straight, fast roads, however, it relaxes its grip, eliminating vibration from the road.

All-wheel steering also offers twin benefits. At low speeds, the front and rear wheels turn in opposite directions, to shrink the turning circle and maximize maneuverability. At higher speeds, all four wheels turn in the same direction, for added stability when changing lane or overtaking. So despite the generous space within, the Bentayga EWB is easy to maneuver, wherever you need to drive.



This is a car you can tailor precisely to your tastes. The standard Bentley palette of exterior paints can be extended to around 60 colors, plus Mulliner and duo-tone options. And with bespoke colors from Mulliner, your car can be painted to match any sample you provide.

A striking selection of 21” and 22” wheels are available in a variety of finishes, with one design being exclusive to the Azure model. To add even more presence, you can add the Blackline Specification, which replaces almost all the car’s exterior brightware with detailing rendered in black.

Inside, the opportunity to create your dream car only grows. Ten handcrafted veneers are available in a choice of high-gloss wood or contemporary open-pore wood. Technical finishes are also available, including carbon fiber and Dark Tint Diamond Brushed Aluminum. Depending on your choice, you can even opt for sleek metal overlays, adding a further dimension to the finish.

There are 15 leather upholstery colors, which can be arranged in six different color splits – one of which has been designed exclusively for the Bentayga EWB.